Scenes from the upcoming season of Breaking Bad, as performed by the men of Downton Abbey

I can’t get over the perfection of this. I can’t say that adding “You Motherfucker!” to every Byron quote is a bad idea, either.

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Disney’s Downton Abbey
I started with one idea and ended up with another, and still worked on this for quite a while, idevenk why. Some look more “disney” than others and some look more scary than necessary. And Carlisle only made it in because I thought he’d make a perfect villain. xD
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The literal best.


Downton Abbey T-Shirt | SnorgTees
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The Dowager Countess also does not understand the conundrum between kickin’ in the front seat or sittin’ in the back seat.

As long as it’s not a swivel chair

Matthew and Mary rocking out to MIA’s Bad Girls in their new car in season three


The Fresh Prince of Downton Abbey

A rags to fat cash story, courtesy of Victorian aristocracy and Will Smith.   #remix

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All Downton, all the time.
Angelina’s right leg meets the Dowager Countess. The baddest bitch.dow
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