The only surviving footage of a silent 1926 version of The Great Gatsby scripted by F. Scott Fitzgerald himself. Starring Warner Baxter, Lois Wilson, Georgia Hale, and William Powell.

I’m kind of over it…

Bronx Bookmobile, 1938 (Photo from the New York Public Library)

All the 1920s fashion we hope will be on Downton Abbey’s Season Three—including guesses as to what Mary’s wedding dress will be, here.
Photograph from 1924 showing Cartier original jewels; Conde Nast Archive.

Once upon a time ladies wanted to gain weight to be more curvaceous. Now girls will do anything to shrink their frames. Regardless of the message, the fact that women were encouraged to take pills to gain weight quickly is just as silly as taking pills to lose weight quickly.

But these ads are pretty great.


Dating tips, 1938 (#3)
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